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6 change management questions all leaders should ask their people.

To kick-off, a new process or learning something new, ask your people these 6 questions around change capability. This will give you the clarity to navigate your team through the change safely.

Søren Vasø
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How do you know where you should start, when you want your people to do new something new? Especially if you want your team to go through a big change, like changing processes, adopting a new framework, or alike.

What most leaders do is to give a presentation and then set up training. Because skills are mostly what we focus on when doing new things. We need to learn how to do it, right? And of course, that’s important. But I would argue that the journey starts in another place.

Before diving into training, we need to map out how our people look at the change at hand. Are we ready for this at all?

And to do that, we need to listen, instead of telling.

Mapping out the change capability for your team

By asking your team a small set of questions, you have a much stronger idea of where you are and what should be the first step. Because skill training is most likely not it. When you get the feedback, you’ll have clear insights into things you need to do before setting sail.

Here are 6 great questions to ask your people to map out your team’s change capability:

Change Capability Questions

Here's how to navigate by the answers

— How clearly do you understand why we do this (Rate from 1 to 10)?
If people don’t clearly see why this is important, you probably don’t have shared enough vision around the change. And then they will resist it because it’s something new they don’t know why they should use their brainpower on.

— Is it clear what is expected from you (Rate from 1 to 10)?
Again is clarity in focus. We need our people to understand what their job is, in making this work. Otherwise, it’s easy to hope someone else solves it.

— What is going to be our biggest internal barriers to success?
This will tell you exactly what you need to do as your first job. Get rid of the biggest barriers your team has identified.

— How ready are we as an organization to do this change (1 to 10)?
You’ll get an idea of how the overall mindset is. And be ready; this could be pessimistic. When asked this question, it’s really easy to see all the problems ahead of you.

— What personal emotion is strongest regarding this change?
3 positive, 3 negative. This indicates the readiness of the team and gives you another navigational point on how to work with the mindset.

— What do you expect from your leaders?
Direct response to what you should be doing. If you live up to this, the team feels heard and the change will be easier.

Use the data to start the right place

All this gives you a better understanding of where the team is and how to navigate the change better. And I bet there will be some surprises in there.

Another great thing is involving people early and then acting on their input. It makes them feel more like a part of the project and to take ownership.

If you already are using Acadal, you can implement this directly in your sprints. There are also several discovery sprints on the marketplace already using this technic like the Digital Transformation Discovery.

Søren Vasø
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