A shifting market
driven by technology

That’s just some of the questions we will unfold at Beyond Hours.

We want to show you the blueprint to transform your consultancy to fit into the future.

Experts will give you the tour of how the market is changing, how to change from hourly to recurring business and how to leverage software ecosystems to scale.

You will be presented to cases by people who are making the transition today and gain insights on what the next steps are to be Beyond Hours.

Beyond Hours Program


Doors open


How the market is changing

Søren Vasø will share why Beyond Hours is happening right now. What are the market trends that signify it is time to change?


From hours to recurring business

Clodagh Higgins will show you how to market, package and sell your services to truly go recurring.


Case: From project to retainer

Brian Stræde will share insights on their journey from project to retainer business and what they learned while growing 3 times in size over a few years.



We go to lunch together and have one hour to network and eat.


How to leverage software ecosystems

Morten Dalum will show you the power of plugging into a software ecosystem and how to start selling products instead of hours.


Coffee break


The economical upside

Walktrough of revenue streams and numbers when thinking beyond hours in consulting.






Clodagh Higgens

Business Transformation, Growit

Clodagh will share her secrets from helping 400 consultancies scale their businesses. She has been operating the marketing agency space, but is now turning her eyes at management consulting. 

Clodagh is the author of “A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency ” and host of the podcast “Agency Life” next to running Growit, which is helping consultancies adopt the retainer process and scale their businesses.

Morten Dalum

Software Ecosystems, Acadal

Morten will show you how to build services on top of existing software ecosystems. That means a completely new way of thinking business, which is more scalable and profitable.

Morten is former CEO in a manufacturing company and it’s his experience of how not to implement strategy that sparked the idea of Acadal.

Søren Vasø Hansen

Changing Markets, Acadal

Søren has firsthand experience on how software and productization has changed the face of the marketing consultancy industry as he has built many solutions to match market demands.

The management consulting industry is about to be hit by the very same phenomenon. All the signals are there and Søren will show you how the market is evolving and how to navigate the EdTech/HR Tech space.

Brian Stræde

From project to retainer, Avidly

Avidly is the worlds largest inbound marketing agency. But only a few years ago, it was just 5 guys selling PR.

Brian will tell his story of how they built the business around an existing ecosystem and went from 100% project business to a high concentration of recurring revenue – and better customer retention.

More to come

We will present the remaining speakers as they are confirmed.

Is it for me?

The Conference is for partners and C-level in Management Consultancies who wants to move beyond hours.


16th of May
10.00 to 17.00




To be announced




(On the first 25 tickets - ex. VAT)

If you are more than one from your consultancy who wants to participate, call +45 42 72 27 72 and make a deal on the last tickets.

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Beyond Hours is a
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Acadal is a software platform that helps companies close the gap between strategy and behavior. We also enable consultancies to create recurring revenue by tapping into our ecosystem.

Growit helps consultancies scale and accelerate. By diving into pricing and packaging, financials, organizational structure, technology stacks, client retention and much more.

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