Empower Your People at Scale by Automating Change Management

It’s hard to involve everyone in change – unless you automate the process. Then you can empower everyone to understand and contribute to your challenge – and give your leaders time to lead instead of managing, creating high motivation, low resistance, and clear data-insight on the next step.

Process Automation

Build an agile, automated process around change

Use Acadal to easily build a process that fits the change you are facing. Use our templates or build the process from scratch to involve your people and let them lead the process. From pre and post states around workshop and team-days to full month-longs exploration of new business areas or implementation of new core software.

Bottom-Up Involvement

Minimize resistance to change by high inclusion

If you involve people early in the process of change and let them contribute, they will more easily accept the change and take ownership. Acadal helps you do this at scale and without people having to be together or do it at the same time – in short: mass inclusion of your people with minimal resources.

None-Silo Collaboration

Solve problems across your silos and access your combined skillset.

Mass inclusion gives you the benefit of activating your combined brain capacity and people diversity to see the challenge from all angles.

Acadal is designed to nudge people to use their skillset and creativity to come up with new solutions to your challenges. So you can implement better solutions that are accepted by your people.

Learning Management

Grow your people personally and collectively

Let your people learn new tools, techniques, and give a deep understanding of business challenges. It’s not learning management as you know it, because we don’t provide answers. Instead, we inspire to use the new knowledge in your business context to figure out what the right path is for your company.

It activates your people’s personal growth as they learn new relevant things and are challenged in a business context.

Idea Management

Generate and prioritize ideas and innovation

We stimulate people’s creativity by questions, exercises, and tasks, to let them contribute with new ideas and initiatives to solve the challenges ahead. Then we ask them to collaborate on the ideas and rate them in a business context. Leaving you with a roadmap of how to proceed – all created by your employees.

Behavior Retention

Keep retention high in execution of change

All change is hard in the beginning. With our Behavior Retention tool, we help your people easier to adopt change by creating an automated feedback loop. That helps everyone understand where in the process friction occurs and gives insights into the speed of the process.


Clarity to empower your people

Get a strong feedback loop on what people need from your leaders to succeed. Is time the problem? Or maybe ability? Data lets you spot tendencies in your change management and allow leaders to act earlier to prevent stalling of your challenge and empower your people exactly where they need it.

People & Strategy Analytics

Get detailed analytics on change progress

Get data-insight from the processes to know how a challenge is progressing. We can tell how a project is going and if you need to put more energy into moving it forward. Using your people’s feedback, you know exactly where the problems in change are.

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