How Lantmännen broke down silos with Acadal

Explore how Legal Affairs & Compliance became a better internal business partner by learning new tools and creating actionable solutions as a team.

Lantmännen wanted to utilize the knowledge and competences of the Legal & Compliance team to serve as a business partner in the large 10.000 employees agricultural cooperative.

“Legal issues are not the first thing you think of when you develop new services and products . It is s just not top of mind and here it had become something you did at the end.” says Tove Cederborg, Group General Counsel at Lantmännen.

“We wanted to change that and bring the Legal-team closer to the process where their input can bring concrete business value, early in the process”.

Tove Cederborg, Group General Counsel at Lantmännen

Breaking down silo thinking

With Acadal, Tove Cederborg, empowered the team to figure out how they could overcome and break down the silos perceived in contacts with the operative business and other functions that had formed and get closer to serve as an internal business partner.

The process was built by our partner Intenz, where consultant, Morten Hagen, was leading the charge:

“With Lantmännen we wanted to create a process where they could put their new knowledge into the work immediately.

That’s why we decided to use Acadal in the process. So we could work in this kind of low-intensity training running parallel with the daily tasks.

When people only get one tool, tries to use it, reflects and shares the experience with their team, they remember it much better.

So that’s how we planned out the process.”

The Challenge: How can Legal Affairs & Compliance be a more valued business partner within Lantmännen?

The challenge ran for two months with two onsite workshops in each end, facilitited by our partner Intenz. 

The first workshop was an intro to all the new tools the participants would be introduced to during the sprint on the Acadal platform. They where also put in place to start the creative process of coming up with solutions to the challenge.

After the workshop, the team used Acadal to gain knowledge one tool at a time. After each tool introduction, they were asked to use it on the job and then come back and share their experiences and reflections on Acadal.

During the two months they were introduced to 7 new tools and got new perspectives on how to solve the Challenge.

“We strengthen our contacts with the business and how we can help. Change from looking inside out, to outside in. To understand our colleagues, what they are measured on and how our expertise can help them succeed.

If I see our business-peoples challenges with their “glasses on”, I can provide much more value. That’s what a business partner should do.” says Tove Cederborg.

What was the outcome?

Many of the reflections from the workshops and the Sprint on Acadal were implemented at once.

Like removing and changing some internal reporting, changing format and date for  the team-meeting – a decision to move the meeting to another day, when there was more energy in the room, and change the agenda from around-the-table to sharing success stories and focused dealing with only one problem/issue per meeting and then getting input on that from the rest of the team.

In the sprint, the team generated 12 ideas which they all rated individually. So, with the knowledge of which ideas had the most backing from the team they sorted all the great ones with an effort/impact matrix and quickly saw where they could make quick wins and what could be startet as small or big projects.

Tove said the following regarding the result: “We saw pretty quickly that the team had a much better understanding of what a business partner is.

And even better: we had the same understanding, because of this collaborative process.

All these new tools we learned really let us help all throughout the organization with our knowledge.”

About Lantmännen

Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products. Owned by 25,000 Swedish farmers, with 10,000 employees, operations in over 20 countries and an annual turnover of approximately EUR 4.3 billion.

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