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Acadal + HSEQ

Keeping people safe in the workplace is a priority for most businesses and requires collaboration, training and engagement. These Sprints are designed to manage the periodic training, getting new people onboard and engage people when certain events happen.

Easy to customize to fit your business.

The platform keeps momentum for you

Templates for everything you need for implementation

Yearly Training and Engagement

New Employee Onboarding

Event Triggered

Watch how to implement it.

Frequently Asked Questions

This sprint package is a part of your Acadal subscription. Ask your Business Developer for help and access.

This package consists of community sprints. That means it’s a sprint developed between Acadal and one or more customers. We encourage our customers to share their experience and blueprints of solving their demanding challenges to benefit us all.

Yes. All sprints are customizable for you. That means you can edit them freely in the sprint designer and add or remove elements.

Most of our package sprints are about asking the right questions and then let your people find the right answers together. So your business will always be at the center of the sprint. The content, like video or audio, we use in the sprints can be previewed before starting the sprint. That way, you can figure out if it’s a great fit for your organization.

Change Management

Feels more like setting change free.

“We’ve become better at retaining and implementing efforts and processes. I’m not sure we would have achieved this without Acadal.”

Bettina Hald Sudergaard

Head of Sales

“We saw pretty quickly that the team had a much better understanding of our challenge, because of this collaborative process.”

Tove Cederborg

Group General Counsel

“We formed a shared language and got new leadership tools implemented – much faster than we could without Acadal.”

Torben Glud

Director of leadership & people

“Acadal created much higher motivation than we usually see when we include our people in development.”

Lasse Mikkelsen

Sales Director

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