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The gold rush of hiring talent is now

Job flexibility is now a requirement, not a perk. As we return to the offices, those who don't offer that will lose talent to those who do. It's time to build the post-pandemic work culture.

Søren Vasø
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Here’s a prediction: we will see more talented employees find new jobs in the coming year than ever before.

For the ready businesses, it will be the gold rush of recruiting — for others, the recession of employee retention.

The reason for my certainty is that the aftermath of a full year of remote work is starting to dawn on employees as they go back to the offices.

They have discovered a better way of working, with more flexibility during the pandemic. They don’t want to lose that, and if their company doesn’t offer work from home and flexible working hours, they will look for places that do.

EY has asked 16,264 people from 16 countries for their Work Reimagined Employee Survey. The answers are pretty clear on the topic:

— 90% want flexibility in where and when they work.

— 54% are willing to look for new jobs if they aren’t offered flexibility.

Job flexibility is now a requirement, not a perk.

Companies with flexibility in place of work and work time will have great success in attracting and keeping employees.

So now is the time to figure it out or start losing employees.

Inspiration for New Ways of Working

If you want to start on the right foot, here are two tips for you:

1) Look into our Growth Journey: New Ways of Working. There are 48 case studies to learn from. Look at sprints #2, #5, and #6 for inspiration on building a more flexible organization.

2) Involve your people. Let them understand what is changing and bring ideas to the table on how your post-pandemic culture should look.

Søren Vasø
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