Third-Party Applications, Subprocessors and Services leveraged and used by the Acadal

Acadal may leverage and use other SaaS-solutions, third-party applications, subprocessor and services to provide limited services on its behalf, surrounding the functionality of the very core of the Acadal suite. Third-party applications (subprocessors) of this kind could be an email service to send out emails to users at the right time with the right information, or Google Analytics to monitor behavior and use that data to optimize the experience using the Acadal services.
These third-party applications from subprocessors (or subcontractors) can occasionally access limited customer data only to deliver the services we have hired them to provide, and are prohibited from using customer data for any other purpose.
Any such subprocessors will be permitted to obtain customer data only to deliver the services Acadal has retained them to provide, and they are prohibited from using customer data for any other purpose. In the list below we have listed the purpose of using and leveraging the services.
These subprocessors are required to maintain the confidentiality of our customers’ information and are contractually obligated to meet our privacy requirements meaning all customer data are anonymized and/or pseudonymized when a third-party vendor accesses it.
To ensure subprocessor accountability, we require allsubprocessors who handle customer data comply with the same rules and policies that Acadal complies with. For example subprocessors with access to customer data must comply with GDPR. This initiative is designed to standardize and strengthen the handling of customer personal information and to bring vendor business processes and systems into compliance with those of Acadal.
The list below does not apply to Previews or other services not yet in General Release or General Availability.
Acadal subprocessors



Server location

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Platform



Website, Marketing & CRM

Google Analytics

Website Statistics



Email Service Provider


Support Service

Atlassian Jira

Software Project Management

Microsoft OneDrive

Cloud Storage



Error Tracking

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