Launching today: People and Idea Management on the Sprint Report.

Today we launch a new experience and feature to our change management platform. It's a revamped version of the Sprint Report that gives leaders data-driven insights to manage change better and faster.

Søren Vasø Hansen

Søren Vasø Hansen

A new view on Change Management Reporting

Before, the sprint report on Acadal wasn’t really a report. It was a summary of ideas you had to rate individually.

Today we are launching a whole new experience that actually will help you manage your change process and your people’s ideas. We have much more in store for this report, but today we launch the two most essential parts: People & Idea Management.

People: Know where to empower

The people tab will allow you to quickly see who is engaged in your sprint and who you need to motivate and understand why. You can see it on the progression chart, but also the three boxes we call “Showstoppers,” “Neutrals,” and “Champions.” This should help you quickly identify who is engaged and who needs help to identify the importance.

Engagement Score

We also created an engagement score that puts a lot of different engagement metrics together to display a single number. Things like activity level over time, number of ideas and comments, ideas rated, and much more. It should tell what kind of engagement you have and thereby the understanding and motivation of solving your challenge.

The number is relative to the average we see on the Acadal platform, which means you can score above 100%, and that allows for internal comparison of sprints. It will help you to figure out how to improve over time and what works in your organization.

Idea Management: A more natural way to navigate ideas

Your people’s ideas are precious. And you have to be able to navigate them easily. And as we often see more than 100+ ideas, this new view will let you navigate is easy.

Idea Grid
The grid holds all your ideas and places them on the two values; Effort and Impact. These numbers we have from your team’s rating of the ideas. The size of the dot indicated how the team-reaction is: bigger is better.

Filter Ideas
At the top, you can filter the ideas and only see a specific type. Like “Best ideas” or “Worst ideas”. Next to it, you can also change how many you want to be displayed at a time. The idea-list on the right is updated every time you change a filter and stays relative to the ideas on the board.

Prioritize or Dismiss Ideas
We build a new way to move ideas to the next stage. Drag’ n’ drop the ideas onto the two areas called “Prioritize” or “Dismiss”. Then they go off the list, and you only have ideas left you still need to process. If you want to see them on the list, you can do that by toggling “Hide processed ideas”.

See Ideas in Detail
Click on any idea on the idea-list to see the full idea detail, including comments.

Incorporated rating
The idea rating we released yearly in 2020 is also making a real impact now and is the baseline of how ideas are sorted. We are genuinely pushing the agenda of making change management people-led by sorting ideas by broad team-rating and not individually thinking.

A more human, modern design

The sprint report is the first part of the product designed by the new modern, more human style. Hopefully, you’ll agree that it’s a significant improvement.

The new features are available to all customers today. Sprints that are still running will have the new Sprint Report on completions but will have a few quirks. Already finished sprints will show the old Sprint Report.

Reach out to your Acadal contact is you want more information on how this affects you.

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