Test how 2019 your culture is

How modern are you in your organizational culture thinking? Test yourself against the 12 worktrends that forms the shift happening right now in organizational culture.

The 12 worktrends that drives the shift in culture

We have identified 12 trends that are forming a shift in modern organizational culture.

These trends are starting to form the foundation of the modern, fast-moving, forward-thinking successful companies. 

This is a human-driven shift in culture, demanded by the employees. But still, research tells us only around 20% of leaders are thinking like this. Take the test and see if you among the most modern thinking organizations out there.

Purpose & Meaning

before Profit

Connected Teams

over Classic Hierarchies

Personal Development

before Salary & benefits

Continuous Learning

beats Occasional Training

Supportive Leaders

instead of Directive Managers

Agile Development

beats Idle Strategy

Freedom & Trust

over Supervision

Local Decision-Making

instead of Top-Down Authority

Full Openness

over Need To Know

Talents & Ability

beats Locked Roles

Distributed workforce

before Psychical workplace

Shared Challenges

over Silo-thinking

Becoming #changeworthy

Companies who embrace these trends also switch their mindset: It’s no longer the employees that have to prove their worth. It’s the company that needs to be worthy of the full commitment of its employees.

In the eyes of the employees, they are truly becoming changeworthy. Primed to utilize their full capacity to move fast, be innovative, and take the lead.

Take the test and see where you land on the scale.

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