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The digital layer for consultants.

Selling hours is hard work — and even harder to scale. With Acadal, you can build repeatable products instead of trading time for money.

Better for your business

More profit by spending fewer hours per project.

50% of the problems you solve for your customers look just alike. So, instead of repeating yourself, record it, build a sprint around it and deliver it digitally.

Better for the customer

Greater impact with less people-gathering.

Involve your customer deeply with co-creation without gathering people in meeting rooms: less hassle, more momentum, and happier customers.

Build sprints around
your customer meetings.

Build sprints that bridges your meetings at the customer, so you keep driving momentum forward. Anchor the services deeper by having the employees consume your knowledge, share learnings, and progress like a team — without you lifting a finger.

How Acadal ensures better impact

Instead of letting people consume theory, with Acadal, you get people to work on real-life business challenges. That means your knowledge is put into play immediately. Everyone adopts thinking and practics faster and better — and learn along the way with weekly feedback loops.

Acadal is a collaborative tool. Instead of letting people work with a task themself, we are co-creating as a team. Activating all people’s perspectives, experience, creativity, and skillsets allows the team to see the problem from all angles and make better decisions.

Digital also means momentum. Instead of waiting for people to get together in a room, everyone can jump in when it fits them. Just let people log in, do their thing, and the platform closes the gap for the rest of the team, so everyone is aligned.

That also means you can do small weekly touchpoints to keep people in stride. The platform also has a notification system to keep the momentum going if people forget to check-in.

Easy to customize.

Sprints are made of modules you put together. Easy to match your thing with build-in elements of high involvement at the customer — and when it’s done, you can sell it again and again without extra work.


* Design from Acadal 2.0 which will be release Q4 2020.

33% more profit
per project

It’s not a typo. We did the math. See how it adds up and how much profit you can add to your business by using Acadal.

Measure impact and navigate from data.

No more gut-feeling of success. Get hard data on engagement, progress, and motivation. Navigate your customers through challenges with real-time insights and let implementation reach next level.

Hey everyone 👋

I’m Søren. Co-founder of Acadal.

And you have my empathy, dear consultant.

Selling hours is hard work. It’s tough to turn a profit, and it doesn’t scale. So you are stuck trading your valuable time for money.

If your service at the same time impacts a lot of people in a company, it gets even more challenging.

It’s expensive for the company to drive everyone into a meeting room to learn from you. So you don’t get enough facetime to anchor your service perfectly.

The tradeoff is broken from both sides.

But …

What you do is so valuable. It kick-starts momentum, inspires growth, drives revenue. And often, with skillsets, companies can’t hire internally. 

So we decided to find a better way for everyone. 

One that would let you sell scaleable products with fair profit-margins.

And give customers a way to consume, collaborate, and grow from your service without gathering people as much.

And no, it’s not e-learning.

Instead, think of digital co-creation.

It’s not about transferring knowledge from you to the customer.

It’s about learning by doing, executing new knowledge, and using new tools to solving real business problems — together.

Forget about telling people what to do. Instead, involve them and create results together.

That’s what we have built.

A digital layer you can put onto your services to make a better profit and greater impact. By involving people digitally and creating together.

Build for partners who want to leverage People-Led Growth, just like our direct customers are doing.

Hopefully, I get to show it to you someday.

Søren Vasø
+45 5357 7100


You can also catch me on LinkedIn or listen to our podcast Beyond Hours if you want to know more. Catch an episode about scaling right here.

Grow beyond hours.

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