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The partner program is built for consultants who help their customers people do something new. It’s both access to the platform to involve your customer digitally and a partnership to help develop each other businesses.


Right now, we are inviting 50 consultancies to become a part of our Founding Partners. Here we invest massively in transforming your services to become digital, more profitable, and involve your customers deeper.


If you want to come into consideration, email mda@acadal.com with the headline Founding Partner Program. 

Consultants who


  • Sells their knowledge and advises companies 
  • Uses meetings a lot in their service 
  • Impacts many employees with their service 
  • That is willing to put in the work to build products 
  • Aren’t afraid of technology 
  • Wants to go beyond selling hours 
  • Is solo or a small team 

If you can check that list, we built this platform and program for you. 

The platform is easy to use and doesn’t require you to be a digital wizard. 


Here how Alison Barker from OTD thinks about their first process.

Designing the process on the platform went really smooth, and the whole setup was quite easy to do. And we did it in a really short space of time. It’s dead simple and quick to do.”

It requires you to build a product, but you can deliver with only 50% of your time when you have it. That means 50% more clients or much more time for life and projects. Getting to proof of concept is a 15-hour journey over a month + customer project time in our experience.

You start to sell scaleable sprints instead of 1:1 workshops or consulting hours. Another way is to bridge your meetings with the customer with sprints to better anchor your service and never lose momentum. We’ll help you figure out where it fits in your business model in the onboarding program.


Doing it the right way could secure 33% more profit on your service. See the calculation on a 3-month consulting project with 20 participants and an hour-rate of €200.

The subscription fee covers your access to the platform as a partner. This allows you to manage all your customers and build repeatable products to sell again and again.

The usage fee is for every participant from the customer’s side you service with a sprint on the platform.

Let’s say you have 15 participants going through a 2 months sprint. Then the usage fee is 15 seats x 2 months x €20 = €600.

You pay the usage fee to us, but it’s up to you to price it for the client and make it a part of your project.

Well, we are pretty biased. But look at our customer stories for proof.  They say things like:


“The Acadal platform is easy to use: it is intuitive from the first click, people were quickly onboarded, and the social aspect highly motivated everyone”.


“It is a great way to work and involve our people.”


Here are the 5 main reasons they like it:


  • No need to gather people as much in meetings.
  • Development with data-proof.
  • It’s highly engaging for the employees.
  • The change comes easier.
  • The momentum never slows down.

You just let your Customer Success Manager know you aren’t happy and we stop our partnership at the end of the contract period.

Yes, you have 10 seats to develop your business internally as well. More seats cost the usage fee.

The Marketing Development Fund (MDF) is a shared wallet with money we use to drive our partnership growth. We use the money to drive traffic, promote content, host VIP dinners, and other things. All to drive revenue we both benefit from.

We add 20% to the MDF on all your referrals that buy the platform directly.

Book a demo and see how Acadal can help you build more profit and impact.

Growing your consultancy without relying on selling hours is possible. Pick a date and let’s walk through how.

Get examples, see the platform, and figure out if there is a match for your service.

Søren Vasø
Chief Growth Officer

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