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How to earn 33% more profit on every project.

The calculation base is a 3-month consulting project with 20 participants and an hour-rate of €200.

Use that margin of 33% to scale profit or gain an competitive advantage.

Sales — 4 hours less

When you start using Acadal, you built sprints to be used over and over. That also means you standardize a piece of your service and have materials ready to go. So the only thing your need to customize is the workshops (if you aren’t going 100% standardized).

Workshop — 30 hours less

This is where you scale profit. The platform is built to let companies absorb your knowledge and training digitally, instead of having facetime with you.

This is preferable to the customer because they don’t have to put people into a room or even do it simultaneously. So it’s much less disturbing.

You lose facetime but can make up for it by having weekly touchpoints in the sprint instead. The kicker is that it’s automated, so you don’t use time on it.

Reporting — 2,5 hours less

This part is hard to calculate because it’s done in so many ways. We estimated this conservatively, but because the platform delivers real-time reporting on all sprints, you don’t have to spend time building it. It’s all served to you, with way more behavioral data than you ever have seen before.

Price — Adding subscription & usage fee

To save you 43,5 hours, here how we charge. The subscription is €199 a month, and the usage fee for the customer is €20 pr month per user.

The subscription is not project-based, but the price you pay for having access to the product. So if you run 20 companies on the platform, it’s still €199 monthly. We just thought it was most fair to do a 1 on 1 comparison for you.

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