The story of
People-Led Growth

People-Led Growth is a business methodology that drives high employee engagement in business development. Used by modern-thinking companies to distribute ownership and turn strategy into behavior and continuously adapt in an ever-shifting world.

The playbook to activate bottom-up.

The methodology is a structured approach that empowers your employees to turn strategy into actionable, measurable behavior. It’s an agile, modern approach to business development.

The power of people

In the evolution of business, three key principles has changed. All driven by human behavior. From consumer expectations to internal employee ressources and demands from future hires. It’s these principles that make up the foundation of the People-Led Growth Methodology.





to exploring

Strategy has to be much more agile to meet the growing changes in demand. Our people has to continuously feed information back to the strategy so we can explore our options and adapt our strategy to stay competitive.


to bottom-up

We need to spread ownership, so it lives as much amongst our people as with our leaders. Only then can we tap into our shared ressources, like knowledge and creativity, and gain the needed insights and speed to transform and adapt.


to empower

Operation is all about empowering people to solve our shared challenges. Not instructing people, but supporting them with structure, decision-power, and above all, trust.

Cultural traits
of the People-Led

We talked, listened, visited and explored hundreds of businesses and leaders to figure out what set the People-Led apart. We discovered six cultural traits they share, and are all driven by.



· Meaning
· Sustainability
· Three bottomlines
· Engagement
· Happiness



· Personal growth
· Continuous learning
· 21-century skills/Soft skills
· Distributed workforce
· Skill over role



· Coaches
· Communication
· Trust
· Openness
· Culture protectors



· Work/Life balance
· Bottom-up
· Freedom
· Safety
· Distributed Decision-Power



· No silo-thinking
· Shared challenges & goals
· Collaboration
· Friends/Community



· Continuous Development
· Fail fast culture
· Agile
· Experimentation
· Speed

Distributed ownership isn’t important.

It’s everything.

Moving ownership from the minority to the majority is crucial. Out of the heads in management, to the hands of your people. If you believe growth comes from continuously adapting to your customers and markets, you need speed in change – distributing ownership in transformations and operations will let you choose your own gear. The methodology of People-Led Growth is designed to let you do exactly that.

It pays off.
Like 5x more.

A study of 792 companies displayed the gap between low and high employee engagement. 5.5x difference in average revenue growth year over year. From 4,7% to 26%.

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Acadal is a software platform that let’s you work faster and smarter with People-Led Growth and the transformations in your business. It work next to your current process or layes a new foundation of how you work bottom-up.

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