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The Curious Guide To Cultural Debt

What is Cultural Debt? This guide shines a light on what happens when your culture is challenged. From bad behavior to operational structures. And two steps to minimize your Cultural Debt.

The gold rush of hiring talent is now

Job flexibility is now a requirement, not a perk. As we return to the offices, those who don’t offer that will lose talent to those who do. It’s time to build the post-pandemic work culture.

Is the 4-day work-week radical enough?

The 4-day work-week is here. It’s one of the most evident signs that a global work revolution is happening, and our life/work balance is the spearhead. But are we pushing it fare enough?

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We explore how you build out culture, leadership, and reinventing work to let growth happen bottom-up. The podcast is a mashup of interviews, talks, and much more.

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