Social Feed: New features and visual update to create more engaging conversations

Here are all the updates on the social feed for version 3.2

Søren Vasø Hansen

Søren Vasø Hansen

Design Update

We have made a significant design update on our latest release to make the social feed better to use and sweeter to look at. This is the first step toward a complete redesign of the Acadal platform to a more human, modern look.

Only one field to create both comments and ideas

Now you have one field to type in and not two buttons. Both ideas and comments are created from the top input area, and when clicked, you start to write a comment but can turn it into an idea from the same area.

This will help your team get even more input. If you turn on the idea function, you get a couple of extra fields to fill out, and your team will have the ability to rate the idea. Remember, only ideas, not comments, can be rated and are moved from the sprint to the next phase.

Turn comments into ideas

Click on the new “Turn to idea” icon on any comment to turn it into an idea. You can now help your team capture ideas, even if they only thought of it as a comment.

Easy to identify unrated ideas

Now you don’t have to look around to see where the ideas you forgot to rate are hiding in the social feed. Just turn on the toggle at the top, saying, “Only show unrated ideas,” and they will line up for you to rate.

Anonymous comments

It’s now possible to make an anonymous comment if you have something to say, but don’t want to speak up in person. This should enable more critic flowing to the surface and hopefully create better collaboration. Click on the anonymous icon to turn it on and off.

Other improvements and fixes

— File upload is improved, and all file format uploads from the same place. You also get a visual indication of the file type in the feed.

— Images have gotten more space in the feed and a beautiful large view if clicked. 

— You can now comment on an idea as well as a comment.

— Rating of ideas has been improved

— You can now make links in the feed as well. Just type the link, and it will register as a link.

— Edit comment has gotten a new look

— Timestamps of comments have been improved and are also showing timestamps on edits now.

— Deleting of comments has been added

— All ideas have titles now for easier navigation on the new sprint report.

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