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5 features that makes all the difference

Develop your people through challenges.

Our Sprints are designed to learn people new skills and create reflections that make them grow as persons and as teams.

Learning content is presented via videos, audio-bits, texts, workshops, and action tasks.

Making challenges the focal point of people development is not only great for your business it also helps you improve employee engagement. Studies show, 91% say personal development is key to stay in or choose a job.

Develop your business with input from the team

We ask people to help solve business challenges and come up with great solutions. This happens through a continuous feedback loop with input you can use to move your company forward.

All ideas a crowd-validated by all participants in a sprint, to make sure only the truly valuable inputs are further developed.

Social learning keeps people commited to pushing forward.

Through a range of social engagers we empower people through social learning.

These social engagers ensure that everyone reflects on each others learning experiences with the commitment and peer responsibility that helps everyone excel.

Action learning ensures that new and valuable practice knowledge is created.

Great learning comes from doing. Through various action assignments each Sprint challenges people to try out new things in their work practice and share their experiences with each other.

New and valuable behavior is easier to implement because your people created it.

When a sprint is over you’ll be left with all the great ideas your team came up with to solve your business challenge. Even better – these ideas will all be rooted in practice!

This effectively makes it easy to implement ideas as new behavior because it all came from the great minds in your team.

8 reasons why people choose Acadal


To implement strategy better

Change of behavior is key to change. Close the gap between strategy and behavior.


Boost engagement

When you let people take part in development, they start engaging more at work.


Activation of knowledge

Get important thoughts and knowledge out in the open and into development.


Create ownership

By having transparency of ideas, people will be motivated to make their ideas fly.


Use resources better

Stop sending your people away on two-day seminars they won’t remember anyway.


Pick up speed

Sprints are designed to be team driven. So you can deal with many development points at a time


Innovation in the real world

Get all the subtle signals something is changing and crowd-source ideas of how to adapt.


Cross location engagement

Gathering people in a room isn’t a requirement to develop together anymore.

Forward-thinking companies are already using Acadal

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