Growth Management for Sales & Marketing

Leads, pipelines, contracts, outreach, traffic, and the other 592 things you need to grow.

What if you could do it with half the energy?

Grow sales by finding the right path forward as a team and get everyone to buy-in.

Acadal allows you to build a bottom-up process where your team explores sales and marketing challenges together and generates ideas that fit your context. The team then picks the best ideas and matures them into real solutions. Next step is to execute the solutions. The platform nudges people to keep momentum, helps remember why it’s important, and allows them to share learnings and ask for help.

Tap into your people’s experience, creativity, skills, and diversity to create better solutions.

Controle your growth more than ever with data-driven insights on progress and people.

Involve your people and get a happier, more aligned team that moves faster.

Join these teams and manage your growth with Acadal

Have firm control of growth while making your team shine

Think of Acadal as a digital layer you connect to new initiatives. This allows you to get data-insight on progress, know who on the team that is contributing, who that needs help, and how the team’s engagement and mood are.

It let’s marketing and sales leaders manage growth, by acting sooner, empowering people when they need it, and ultimately growing better.

No more meetings about the same issues again and again.

Acadal is built to secure momentum on new initiatives. By running the process digitally, instead of meetings, it’s becoming asynchronous. People can do it when they want to, instead of waiting for the meeting invite. This secures speed.

The digital approach lets you nudge people to do many small touches instead of one big one at a meeting. Applying this form of action learning secures much better focus, and people don’t forget their learnings from meeting to meeting.

Create your own growth journeys with ease.

Acadal is about growing as a team, so you don’t need to know the answers as a leader. Instead, challenge your team to come up with the solutions by creating a growth journey with the easy to use, build-in designer.

Mix inspirational, useful content from the internet with modules like questions, assignments, and idea generation. It takes no longer to set up than preparing for a team meeting about a new challenge.


Grow sales and marketing with pre-build journeys from industry experts.

Access to marketplace requires subscription to Acadal.

How can we use sales-technology to become more efficient?

Digital Transformation / in 

How can we create a predictable high quality lead funnel with inbound and ads?

Inbound / 4 weeks in 

How to attract more leads without using money?

Lead generation / 4 weeks in 

How can we build a sales optimization roadmap and implement it in one year?

Sales Enablement / 4 weeks in 

How can we adapt to change in the customer journey?

Customer Journey / 4 weeks in 

How can we adjust to post-corona selling (and should we)?

Inside Sales / 4 weeks in 

How should we incorporate UN SDG’s in our sales dialogs?

Sustainability / 4 weeks in 

30-days money-back guarantee.

If our platform doesn’t deliver value in 30 days, we’ll pay you back.

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Morten Dalum
CEO & Founder

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Morten Dalum
CEO & Founder

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