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How to master remote work as a team during Corona lock-down.

Do you know how to empower your team to stay mentally healthy, have high efficiency and have all the right tools at hand during the Corona Lock-Down? We created a Change Management process that includes your team in finding the answers – in your context and 100% remotely. And it is all free during Corona Lock-down.

Who can benefit — Companies with more than 50 employees and at least 5 people to join the process.

Master a remote tomorrow (And create infrastructure for the future)

Your team is forced to work from home during Corona. We created this for you to empower your team and maximize the outcome in this unprecedented situation. Working from home can have a lot of great outcomes, but only if you know how to handle it. That’s why we build this Change Management Sprint. So you can learn quickly, build infrastructure and do it as a collaborative process with your people leading it.

Develop your remote culture in just 8 days with this:

Culture check-in
We start by checking how people are feeling right now. You get a real-time check-in on your people’s state of mind in the context of working from home. A short survey that let you know where your team stands.

Free tool-stack
How do you use free tools to do what you normally do in the office? Get the inside track on video-calling, project management, collaboration, team messaging and virtual whiteboards.

Mental health
Working from home can be a big change. So how do you keep motivated to work, build a great routine and still have social interactions with your coworkers?

Cyber security
Some people are going to try to take advantage of peoples new workform. So give your people a short intro in cyber security, what not to do and how to act from home.

Being efficient when working remote is about having the right process and setup. How to setup your home office, browsing habbits, scheduling your work and company check-ins with your co-workers and leaders.

The future holds?
Our platform is designed to let people give input to solve hard problems. So we’ll end the sprint by asking how they see the future. What are the hard problems after corona and what to do first as your return to the office.

Get your free Remote Culture Sprint today.

Companies above 50 people can get access for free. Apply now and we’ll set up a short call to make sure you’ll fit into the program and how to set up you and your team to master remote work.

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CEO & Founder

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the cost is €0 during Corona Lock-down. When you get access, you have it till you are finished with the sprint, no matter the status of Corona.

Our mission is to make change happen. In these unprecedented times, we have to huddle up and help where we can. This is the best way we know how – helping companies manage change due to Corona.

The walk-trough of content in the sprint is no more than 2 hours, but depending on how mature you are in working remote, how many ideas you create and what level of dedication you put in, you could use up to 10 hours pr. employee in the 8 working days. It’s up to you to help people figuring out what this investment is worth for you.

The sprint is designed to help broadly around remote culture. If you need to add new sections or remove them, you’ll have to buy the paid version of Acadal, but we’ll again offer some help. Contact info is on this page.

Companies with more than 50 employees. You’ll need at least 5 of them to join the process for it to work, as it’s a collaborative platform.

What is Acadal?

Most businesses struggle to get employees to take ownership of change. We created a Change Management Platform that empowers and motivates your people to lead business challenges. So everyone grows personally and together as a business.


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