Software for People-Led Growth

Get your team to execute projects like it’s their idea.

Make sure your projects succeed by involving your people bottom-up. Get everyone on board, clarify the next steps, and execute together as a team.

Ask your people to help solve the hard challenges.

Turn problems and projects into challenges and run it bottom-up to solve it better.

Then this happens:

Use all your people's brainpower to find the right solutions.

Your people are pretty smart. What if you could take all their knowledge, experience, and creativity and direct all that power towards your shared challenges with ease?

Then you would see the challenge from every angle and get team-wide validation on the things you need to do next.

Get a clear roadmap to drive results. Build and prioritized by the team.

Your team created 100’s of ideas to solve your challenge. What if the team individually rated them on business metrics like impact and effort?

Then you would have a roadmap with low hanging fruits, innovative ideas, and must do’s. And immediately know what ideas you could implement with high team buy-in and take the next step with confidence.

Know how your people feel and act around the challenge.

How hard is it for you to figure out where your time is spent best? And know who needs help first for the team to succeed?

Now you do — based on data. Who is engaged, how positive is the team, and who from the team needs a push to get going?

Get your people to execute like it’s their own idea (Wait ... it is!).

“Make people think it’s their idea,” you probably have been advised. If people think so, they are bought in on the idea and are motivated to do the work.

With Acadal, it actually is your people’s own ideas, so you don’t have to go slow or convince anyone. Just give them room to execute and solve your shared challenges.

That’s our big hairy audacious goal for
you and every one of our customers.

Let’s grow
better together.

“We’ve become better at retaining and implementing efforts and processes. I’m not sure we would have achieved this without Acadal.”

Bettina Hald Sudergaard

Head of Sales

“We saw pretty quickly that the team had a much better understanding of our challenge, because of this collaborative process.”

Tove Cederborg

Group General Counsel

“We formed a shared language and got new leadership tools implemented – much faster than we could without Acadal.”

Torben Glud

Director of leadership & people

“Acadal created much higher motivation than we usually see when we include our people in development.”

Lasse Mikkelsen

Sales Director

Trying Acadal is free. Failing to grow is not.

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