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Change Management

Most businesses struggle to get employees to take ownership of change. We created Change Management Automation that empowers and motivates your people to lead business challenges. So everyone grows personally and together as a business.

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Changes, managed and
told by our customers.


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Agile Development

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Speaking of change

Change happens.
How do you deal with it?

The old way

  • Hard to motivate people
  • Workshops eat hours and budget
  • Ownership of change lays at the few
  • Change comes top-down
  • No clear view of progress
  • Decisions are based on gut feelings
  • Project minded approach

With Acadal

  • Easy to motivate people
  • In-the-flow of work
  • Distributed ownership
  • Change happens bottom-up
  • Clear data-insight on progress
  • Data-driven team decisions
  • Continuously improvement

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