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Get your team to
adapt to change faster and grow better.

Most teams struggle to adapt to new things. With Acadal, you stop telling people to change and start involving them bottom-up instead. Challenge your team, build solutions together, and execute with team-wide confidence.

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A bottom-up tool stack for growth.

Acadal is a digital platform that easily allows you to involve your team in the challenges your face, so they understand why it’s important and contribute to solving it. That lowers the resistance towards change, keeps people motivated, and secures faster adaption and better growth.

Get your team aligned on any challenge and create 100’s of ideas on how to solve it.

Turn loose ideas into confident solutions with real business impact.

Execute new solutions faster with low resistance to change from the team.

Lead with real-time behavior insight of your people rather than backward-looking questioners.

Companies can’t adapt to change. People can.

Change Management has been top-down driven to long. Managers are telling people how to change, failing to create an understanding of why and secure buy-in from the people.

Tomorrow belongs to the people-led organizations. Those who dear to ask their employees to solve hard problems, with leadership empowering them to lead the process, distribute ownership, and create solutions together.

Feels more like setting growth free.

“We’ve become better at retaining and implementing efforts and processes. I’m not sure we would have achieved this without Acadal.”

Bettina Hald Sudergaard

Head of Sales

“We saw pretty quickly that the team had a much better understanding of our challenge, because of this collaborative process.”

Tove Cederborg

Group General Counsel

“We formed a shared language and got new leadership tools implemented – much faster than we could without Acadal.”

Torben Glud

Director of leadership & people

“Acadal created much higher motivation than we usually see when we include our people in development.”

Lasse Mikkelsen

Sales Director

Trying Acadal is free. Failing to grow is not.

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