The Change Management Platform

It’s how teams learn and execute new things better.

Driving change is often hard and slow — Acadal fixes that. The bottom-up software for learning and doing that gets your team to execute new things like they own it.

Effortlessly manage new things that impact your team. Like these…

“Acadal created much higher motivation than we usually see when we include our people in development.”

Lasse Mikkelsen

Sales Director

“Sprints allow people to contribute on their terms and not while everyone is listening. A kind of out-of-the-box effect.”

Anne Zachariassen


Implementing new
leadership tools

“We formed a shared language and got new leadership tools implemented – much faster than we could without Acadal.”

Torben Glud

Director of leadership
& people

Change Management Simplified.

At its core, change is learning and doing. The challenge is driving it without endless team meetings to keep momentum and motivation high. Acadal changes that.

The all-in-one change
management tool.

Engage your people by
involving them.

With Acadal, you don’t tell your people how to change. You ask them for their help finding the right answers for your shared challenges.

  • Lower resistance towards change
  • Faster time-to-market with new things
  • Happier employees with ownership

Learn what’s right for you.

Traditional learning gives people the answer and then test memory. Not Acadal. Instead, it helps you learn things you don’t have answers for and figure out how it works in your business.

  • No more learning without doing
  • Putting knowledge into play immediately
  • Better adoption of new knowledge

Do a little every day.

With Acadal, you both learn and train your skills in the flow-of-work. Small bites instead of one massive give better and faster results while cutting your meeting-activity in half.

  • People remember training better and use it more
  • Fewer training-meetings means better flow of work
  • Save money on not gathering people as much
  • Less interruption of your people with meetings

Collaborate to keep

It’s hard to do new things and stay motivated. With Acadal, giving feedback to your peers builds responsibility, and improving together as a team increases momentum.

  • Building better solutions with a full team perspective
  • Learning from each other increases speed
  • Peer feedback holds people responsible for improving

Innovate as you go

Coming up with innovative ideas on the spot is hard. In Acadal, driving all your peoples’ experience, skills, and perspective into ideas comes naturally — and in a business context.

  • Direct all your peoples’ brainpower towards a challenge
  • See problems and solutions from all perspectives
  • Lower resistance to change through ownership
  • Team-rated ideas for easy prioritization
  • Get both big radical ideas and small things to do now

Manage change with ease

Leading a change project is challenging. With Acadal, you know how the team is progressing and how engaged they are. Built on real-time, unbiased data from your peoples’ input (run through AI).

  • Pin-point team members that need your support
  • Real-time data for timely change management
  • AI data, instead of surveys, means un-bias insights
  • Manage your leadership time better

Your new superpowers with Acadal.

Know what’s the
next right step

You combine all the team’s brainpower to figure out the next right step and execute straight away.

  • Get prioritized team-ideas for solutions
  • Impact/effort score on all solutions
  • Team feedback make it faster to test

Motivate people and give them ownership

The high involvement of the team creates ownership and get people into “doing-mode.”

  • High involvement creates ownership
  • Team-backed ideas create responsibility
  • Problem-insights lowers resistance

Keep momentum

The platform drives people forward, and social aspects create responsibility to the team.

  • Notifications keep people in the loop
  • Weekly sprints make it easy to keep up
  • Team progression is always tracked

Don't tell people to change.

The companies that succeed in involving their people bottom-up and create ownership wins. That’s our belief and approach to change management. Top-down has its turn. Today belongs to the people led.

It’s not only you that are battling change.

Trying Acadal is free.
Failing to change is not.

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